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Just a few minutes a day guarantees a rested mind and more efficient work.

We want to make employees more creative, happier and less stressed by bringing the proven scientific benefits of nature’s effects to the office.

Korpi® ForRest is the first to use nature’s benefits for wellbeinging, specifically focused on restoring and helping the mind during the workday. The solution is based on recent scientific research about the benefits of restoring the mind and the nature´s benefits within the subject.

Our Team

Sampo Pohjola
CEO and Co-founder. He has 20 years of experience within health and social services, also individual and group coaching.

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Mikko Pohjola
Our research executive and validation expert. Co-Founder.


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Anu Varis
Our lead Coach

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Anni Kupila
Marketing specialist
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Juho Erkkilä
Our material producer and maker of the Korpi Moments
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Zoltan Markus
“The extent of my being is beyond your comprehension.”

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