Korpi ForRest – The 2nd best solution for resting your mind

Only a few minutes a day will give you a better quality of recovery and effective work

We want to make employees happier, more creative and less stressed by bringing the scientifically proven health effects of the forest to the office.

Korpi ForRest is the first solution that utilizes the well-being of forests and focuses specifically on day-to-day recovery. The solution is based on the latest scientific findings on the importance of restoration and the effects of the forest.


Korpi ForRest – intervention

is a 1-6-month project that monitors staff stress levels and well-being while utilizing our virtual forest break service.

In practice, we provide a digital audiovisual forest experience that works as a preventive and restorative break solution during the working day.

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Korpi ForRest

We are currently validating our method and are looking for partners and organizations interested in the well-being of our staff to test and validate our service.

Ongoing projects:

  • City of Hyvinkää
  • Sofokus Oy

Korpi ForRest – The 2nd best solution for resting your mind


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