“It has been a pleasure to take part in the KorpiForRest coaching program. During the trial period, I have learnt during my workday to take breaks and give my mind enough time to restore and relax. Significant finding was to learn and to invest in long enough breaks even in the busiest of days, so that work efficiency and thoughts would stay healthy in the toughest of tight scheduled days.”

More relaxing than any other break methods. Rests the mind. Resets you during the day. Relaxing after the break helps collect thoughts, Refreshes the mind every time, You feel the difference after work positively and with energy levels, concentration has improved, the virtual Korpi ForRest moments helped to calm down during a highly stressful day.

“Virtual breaks in the Korpi Forest gives me the perfect escape from skype meetings. I can FEEL the tree needles, roots and the soft peat moss under my toes, I can also feel the breeze on my cheeks and smell the scent of the forest. Imagining myself in a summery forest, I let my stressed mind rest. “
Hanna, Metsähallitus

Korpi break experiences:

  • Breaks have helped me to quickly relax, and shown to be useful. At the point when the mind is buzzing with ideas and overwhelming the mind, a virtual break helps reset, and the best ideas will arise then.
  • Just the application is not enough, but if the program would be included I would recommend it. Talking about the room, if it had more sense stimulation I would go more often. It is still a good set to take a short break.
  • During testing it felt a bit undone.
  • Even though virtual forest breaks don’t suit me, still an excellent product7
  • Good experience, suitable even for busy days
  • Virtual forest break separates the day and watching the Korpi Moment is really a break. Otherwise during breaks you easily just spend your time looking at emails
  • Helped taking breaks and relax during the day
  • Helped to reset the mind
  • The breaks calmed myself and in my opinion a good way to get your thoughts somewhere else during the day
  • Application helped me be detached from work and even encourage me to go outside for a bit
  • Helped relax during a stressful moment. Even though I felt many times that “I do not have time for a break”. The break usually was proven beneficial and better than to skip the break
  • I took more often breaks and helped me detach from work
  • I felt that virtual forest breaks were relaxing and helped take mind of work

“My work days are still full and a lot of things to go through, but with routine breaks and taking one task at a time, I stopped being overwhelmed. I don´t let myself anymore let the stress control me and force me to add more gears, instead I pause and calm myself with the breaks and breathing exercises, this way the mind stays calm and more responsive during the day.”
Anna, metsähallitus

“Virtual forest trial and coaching program helped schedule my own breaks at the office and also when working from home. I hadn’t paid much attention to breaks before, but with the program I noticed things, for example my vitality levels, what type of breaks suit me and also social breaks restore my mind the best. With virtual forests giving me inspiration to go outside, when the weather allows it. In the future I could see the virtual forest to be used at the office as break space, but at work from home I find other ways to take breaks than staying at the work space to take a break. After the program the ToDo list for the next day stayed in use and also the epiphany that “Taking regular breaks gives me more energy and work more efficiently”.
Minna Enefit Oy

Coaching Program comments:

  • Coaching Program should be mandatory
  • Program helped to reflect on own ideas and work
  • Helped motivation
  • Interesting
  • Gives self reflection and learning
  • Every to weeks good to go, to keep ideas in
  • Has given support
  • Good tips
  • Helps schedule the day
  • Break quality meaning, this got better during the program
  • Started paying attention to own breaks
  • Found a break rhythm
  • Gave chance to take breaks by myself
  • Really highlighted meaning of taking breaks and how to take them
  • Realizing that short breaks help concentration and regular breaks helps with efficiency
  • I started taking micro breaks, which is very good! 🙂
  • Repetition about the importance of breaks helped to understand and learn it.
  • Gave new information and viewpoints, also strong support and motivation for breaks
  • Today I take breaks, before I didn´t
  • Learnt how to schedule breaks during the day and it helped concentration during the day
  • Without taking part I would probably not be taking many breaks
  • Has become a habit, before I just took a lunch break (if even that)
  • Time management improved, which helped to with routinely take breaks
  • Giving mercy to myself improved
  • Through the program understood that I Am for effective during morning hours
  • I don’t need live like others, I can now concentrate in my own way
  • Helped me found my own best way to work
  • Unfinished work listing before going helped to start the day and reduce stress
  • Own energy spike recognition
  • Program helped specifically recognize cognitive restoration and taking breaks in general.

“I liked the room and its scents. Especially the scents, maybe a hardcore biologist needs a more authentic more than normal users. It was also nice to watch a summery Korpi Moment when autumn’s darkness has started.”
Terhi, Metsähallitus

“Korpi ForRest experience and program gave me motivation to start using break applications more frequently.”
Emma Lindqvist, LM-Someco