A little tired

…but above all grateful and happy on the way home from TTC2019.

From one perspective, life is a series of choices that always lead to something…. Here’s one such set of them ?

It all started when Mikko remembered that his friend Eeppi had taken part in Transformative Technology Academy (https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-transformative-technology-lab/) sometime ago and had praised it. So, we ended up applying to it. Perhaps, as a result of this first choice, it was already a small surprise that we were chosen. In addition to the Academy lectures, there were challenges you could attend and submit your own 3-page deck of your own service / product. At this point, we thought that, hey what can we lose if we just participate. And so, it went into the ether. According to this stream of thought, getting thrown in, maybe second surprise was that we got to pitch our service online. At this point we were very grateful and glad that heard ourselves and jumped in.

Every time you make a choice, either conscious or unconscious, something will follow. This time this series of selections gave us a mail telling us that we had been selected to present / pitch in this #TTC2019 / https://www.ttconf.org/ in Palo Alto. At this point, we had to take few breath’s and sleep overnight in order to get all the emotions that came out of the thoughts or at least the spikes of feelings to calm down. Of course, after all our fears and gratitude, we were unanimous in saying that, of course, we would pick up this card. Well a little rush came…  It was less than two weeks that the conference would be. And there was much to do, the pitch and deck in addition to the trips.

So, we were happy to get on the scene, we didn’t clot on stage and much was experience gained. So, what was the outcome… Probably way more than what we still understand or can still realize at this point, it was such an amazing experience. But in practice; lots of interesting products, outrageous new encounters with gorgeous people and most of all, great learning about yourself and the team!

The big factors were that they dared to be who we are and open our mouths to both question and asking, can we? This led to many wonderful and unique encounters with the most wonderful and interesting people. These encounters are likely to result in follow-up encounters in one way or another, and we have already agreed on some initial meetings and collaborative meets. And what else does that follow…

What struck us so much was the atmosphere these people have created for this community. Very immediate, compassionate, encouraging and above all supportive of the individual. It’s great to see how the in the so-called money oriented, tough Silicon Valley / tech world, there are a number of people who really care about what is well-being and how we can support and prevent this mental well-being with today’s tech, which will inevitably lead to greater good for humanity.

A Big beautiful thank you for all the people we encountered; Paola, Nichole, Rui, Dmitri, Thomas Kohler, Axel Roselius, Agnis Stibe, Nicolai Joergensen, Matson Kaleb and all of you others with whom we had a time to share a moment! Thanks TTC2019!

And also thanks for us ?

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